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Dewatering of Stilling Basin
Project Description

Project Name : Dewatering of Stilling Basin

Client : US Army Corp of Engineers

Location : Conchas Dam, NM

Project Description :

  • Construct coffer dam to prevent back-flow during dewatering operations.
  • Install bulkheads over sluicing conduits from Dam Crest Road at 90’ below lake surface.
  • Dewater Approximately 7, 000,000 gallons from stilling basin.
  • Maintenance pumping of 4,000 gpm during silt removal operations and repairs.
  • Remove of 10 acre feet of silt from stilling basin and dispose.
  • Engineer safety equipment and procedures for confined space gate repair in sluicing conduits.
  • Sand blast gate components and repair with Belzona ceramic epoxy.
  • Remove bulkheads and coffer dam.
  • Reshape stilling basin and stabilize with seeding.