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VI. General Mills (Big J Enterprises)

Project Name: T-Cart Wall Demo
Project Task: Removal of 24? tall cast in place concrete wall in an active food processing plant.

Describe site constraints, troche major excavation, doctor traffic and difficulties for project
Minimal work area. Concern for safety of personnel, ed plant equipment and food product loss and contamination. Required use of diesel powered equipment indoors. Water contamination and dust control. Heavy forklift, pedestrian and robotic traffic.

Overcoming Project Difficulties
Equipment, labor and debris removal strictly scheduled. Two foremen, flagmen, spotters and barricading were used for site entering/exiting. Equipment was equipped with air scrubbers. Curtain walls were used to control the water, dust and contaminants. Daily safety meetings were held to emphasize protection of life, product and equipment. Workforce was increased to handle the manually intensive aspect of project. Specialized equipment was utilized to facilitate speed of project completion.

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